It’s quite simply the most Extreme & Adrenalin packed action activity on offer!

Coasteering is an extreme adventure activity that includes short sections of traversing around sea cliffs close to the water as well as short swims and lots of jumps from the cliffs into the sea. Jumps can be from as low as one foot up to 20 feet! You just pick the height to jump from according to how confident you feel!

Our Coasteering sessions are different to sea level traversing, which usually involves the use of ropes and climbing harnesses and the aim is to stay dry. Coasteering is more about getting wet, swimming, jumping and scrambling round rocks. Blowholes, caves and curious sea creatures are only some of the features you will see whilst Coasteering in Devon.


Each of our routes has its own special individual characteristics and can easily last from 2-3 hrs to a day depending on the package you choose. You’ll learn about the coastline at the same time as having fun and testing your skill and endurance. You also get the opportunity to explore areas of the coast that you would never normally see.

An ideal activity for corporate team building and adventure training. Coasteering is a fantastic  group activity that allows you to have fun with friends, family or corporate colleagues.

Each session will start with a safety brief that will cover all safety aspects, before you head out with your experienced instructors. All of our instructors are fully qualified Coasteering Instructors and Beach Lifeguards.

For safety we have a minimum age for coasteering of 12 years and there is a minimum booking group size of 6.

  • Each coasteering session is 2-3 hours long depending on group size.
  • We will supply you with all safety equipment including wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets.
  • Everyone is asked to bring along a pair of shorts and some old trainers to wear on the session.
  • The most Extreme & Adrenalin packed action activity – from ONLY £25 per person.
  • Group discounts available on group sizes of 12+

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