Yoga is a tradition over 4000 years old.  It is essentially a way to develop the health and strength of the body, gain control over the breath, and steady the mind.  This may lead to a deep sense of security and wellbeing.

Anyone can learn yoga regardless of age or ability.  I will guide you through your practice, allowing you to develop an inner awareness of your body’s needs.  Ideal for surfers we will aim to increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and joints, and improve balance, (recommended by Surfers World).

Our instructors are trained to teach through the Devon School of Yoga.  The schools core practice derives from the teaching of Dr. B. Padmanabha Pillai, of Kerala, South India (author of Yoga ‐ A Way of Life).  As a member of the Independent Yoga Network, and therefore listed on the Yoga Register.

There are no pre-requisites to our classes. You need bring nothing with you but an open heart, and a desire to explore your own self.

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